Meet Our Team

Bessie Chin
Application Developer

Bessie has worked on multiple graphing applications and has learned what technical users are looking for. She is a firm believer that “a graph is worth 1000 data points” and that a graph is the most effective visual format to communicate, identify, and discover data trends in a data set. Simplicity is also a guiding principle for her UI (user interface) design as it is the best method to achieve an easy-to-use and learn and flexible application.

Larry Daniele
Larry Daniele
Web and Application Developer

Larry LOVES website development.

He must love it since he’s been building websites since 1996. He describes his relationship with HTML and CSS as “love at first site”. Larry has that rare ability to understand complex technical concepts and explain them in simple terms to others. So having an amazing website based on today’s technology is within reach for all of us.

Christina Ciardella
Graphic & Web Designer

Christina is a Santa Clara University graduate with a love for design and art. She works on the web content, graphic design and layout for website pages, marketing, and emails. She also works on the program documentation and the application’s color palette and graph layout, giving them a modern and fresh look. She strongly appreciates the work she and her colleagues have done and the experience she gained working at TechGraphOnline.

Robert Ciardella
Customer Relations

A very special thanks to Robert Ciardella who has worked tirelessly with the team during the development cycle. He has given us valuable input and is instrumental to get us to the finish line.

About Our Mission

TechGraphOnline is a powerful technical graphing application accessible from any PC, Mac, or tablet. You can quickly create presentation-quality charts and graphs that make your data look terrific.

TechGraphOnline was created by the original team of SlideWrite developers (Bessie Chin and Larry Daniele) whose products were sold to thousands of users around the world to publish their research and create winning presentations.

We have learned what engineers and scientists want: a straightforward, and intuitive interface with powerful and flexible features that is easy to use and learn. They also want to produce high quality output for reports, publication, and presentation.

We also learned that users want to be able to access the application and their files not just on PC but also on Mac. Furthermore, with many more people working remotely, customers asked for online accessibility using their personal devices such as the Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface.

We spent the past years working on an online application that will meet the requirements for the new generation of technical users.  Now we can access the application anywhere with a web browser, store your files as a personal library online and share charts with your colleagues by copying a URL link to the clipboard, email, and social media.  We also provide a template library that contains frequently used charts and graphs that can be cloned and modified.

TechGraphOnline supports SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format so that the quality of the chart will remain sharp and crisp regardless of how you size the chart. We feel that this is an important feature for creating publication quality charts.

Your comments and feedback are important to our continuing efforts to improve the application.