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You need the power to create publication-quality technical graphs and charts, yet you also want an application that is easy to use and learn. The TechGraphOnline Graphing App gives you both!

TechGraphOnline gives you the freedom to work from any place. All you need is access to a major browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari) on your PC, Mac, or iPad. Your files are stored as a personal library in our cloud. You can share any chart with your colleagues instantly by copying the URL link to the clipboard, email, or social media.

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Our Graphing App makes your data look terrific!

You work hard to collect the data for your report, publish your paper, and present to your peers. TechGraphOnline can transform your data into technical graphs that get noticed and remembered. You can count on us to create graphs that communicate your complex data in a clean, concise, and impactful way to your audience.

No more pixelated images! The TechGraph sample charts below are made in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) image format — ideal for web publishing, it allows scaling of the chart to any size and still creates sharp, crisp images. Charts will not have jagged lines or blurred characters. Compare your results to charts produced by our competitors; you will surely see the difference!

A Graphing App that is Easy to Use and Learn

TechGraphOnline is easy to learn and easy to use. The process to create complex scientific 2D graphs is simple and direct. Yet, you have powerful features and analysis tools to enhance and customize your graphs. Online feature sensitive help is available to provide assistance.

Step 1

At log-on, your personal library of graphs is displayed on the My Graphs page.

To create a new Graph, click on Graphs Add New Graphs… on the navigation panel to set up an empty graph. Then, click on the Edit Graph button to activate the TechGraph Editor to create your new graph.

Use the following panel buttons to modify an existing graph:

Edit Graph activates the TechGraph Editor to modify the selected graph

Properties allows you to attach notes, name the graph, and change privacy settings

Delete deletes the graph

Clone duplicates the graph

Share copies the URL link to the clipboard, email, or via social media

A search option panel to quickly identify graphs by dates, notes, type, and titles is provided.

Step 2

Once you access the TechGraph Editor, your data is shown in the Data Table screen. Enter the data directly, copy/paste data from Excel or Google sheets, or upload a CSV/Text data file from this screen.

Options to fill and transform data columns, linear and nonlinear curve fits, and data analysis are available here.

Step 3

Your graph is shown in the Edit Chart screen. Using the Chart Icons, the graph type, settings, axes options, curve fit and error bar settings, and the appearance of your graph are chosen.

As an example, the X Axis Icon allows you to set the scale (linear, log or probability) of the axis, set the minimum and maximum values of the axes and control the grid settings.

You can quickly customize your graph with annotations, lines, boxes and even images of your company logo. You can resize and move your graph frame, add background colors, and positions of the titles.

Download your graph images as SVG files or high-resolution image (PNG, JPG, TIF) files for reports and presentations.

Try the TechGraphOnline Graphing App and see for yourself what it can do. No obligations, no credit card. Sign up for FREE today!

Graphing App Features

With TechGraphOnline, you can create terrific charts and graphs for technical presentations, publications, reports, images for webpages and more. Using our advanced scientific features, you can quickly create complex drawings and 2D graphs.

TechGraphOnline is so Easy to Learn and Use, it stands apart from other presentation software. Check out just some of the features that make TechGraphOnline great!

Full-Featured Graphing Capability

  • Create 2D Graphs: bar, line, scatter, area, combo, pie, histogram, box-whisker, polar, and radar

  • Input data manually, paste it from the clipboard, or import it from a CSV file

  • Copy/paste data from Excel and Google Sheets

  • X Time Series includes days, months, years, hours, minutes, and seconds

  • Use the actual X data for the X axis labels

  • Dual Y-axis plotting: plot data versus two independent Y axes

  • Linear, log, partial log, and probability scaling

  • Reverse scaling for Left Y, Right Y, and X Axis

  • Create numeric bar charts with user-defined bar width

  • Curve fit lines such as linear, exponential, and power can be selected for each data series and displayed with the associated series

  • Plot any equation of the form y=f(x) (for example, y = exp(x))

  • Automatically display curve equations with legends and control the number of decimal points for constants and coefficients

  • Fill the area under a line, curve, or equation with solid or transparent colors

  • Superscript, subscript, and add Math and Greek symbols for titles, legends, and text labels

  • Direct manipulation lets you size and position the graph legends, frames, titles, and axis labels

Created by TechGraphOnline technical graphing app
2 groups of stack bar from
Reverse X Axes with break and dual Y axes from
Exponential curve lines from
Grouped Bar with Up and Down Errors from
Lollipop chart from

Advanced Graphing Features:
Curve Fitting, Error Bars, and Statistics

  • Fit a complex curve to your data quickly and easily with the simple-to-use and highly automated Curve Fitter Module

  • Linear curve fitting with 100 built-in linear functions: Linear, Exponential, Power, and Polynomial

  • Nonlinear curve fitting with built-in nonlinear functions: Exponential, Power, Sigmoidal, Cumulative, Logistic Dose Response, pH Activity, 1-Site Ligand, Photosynthesis, Gaussian, Lorentzian, and Logistic Peak

  • User-defined equation to custom-fit any equation to data with up to eight user-specified coefficients

  • Find best-fit among groups of user-selected functions

  • Statistical reports available including goodness of fit, regression coefficient summary, prediction values, confidence interval, etc. Report data can be downloaded to your local drive, copied to the clipboard, or sent to the printer.

  • Save the best fit equation with the associated data series for graphing

  • Display error bars with six formats such as Up/Down, Up Only, Down Only, From Zero, Toward Zero, and Left Right

Customization Options

Easily annotate a graph with text, lines, and arrows or dynamically place and size graph images anywhere to create multiple graphs on a page, or place a scanned company logo on your chart with our drawing features.

  • Add lines, boxes, arrows, circles, text, and images

  • Change the locations of and resize graph frames and titles by clicking and dragging

  • Change the orientation (horizontal or vertical) and aspect ratio of the chart

  • Grid and divider options guide placement and sizing of graph frames, titles, and images

  • Color list with 24 colors and 3 shades per color makes a total of 72 color choices for bars and fill area under lines, curves, and equations

  • Place and size bitmap images including PNG, JPEG, TIF, and PDF. Specify the width of the image to up to 2400 pixels.

  • Supports SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) image format. SVG is ideal for high-quality images that can be scaled to any size and make perfect images for webpage publishing.

Multiple graphs on a page from

Nonlinear Curve Fits and Data Analysis in Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Enter your data into the Data Table

  • Enter data manually
  • Copy/Paste data from Excel or Google Sheet.
  • Download data from CSV (Comma Separated Value) file.
  • Select Nonlinear Curve Fit option from the Curve Fitter list

Step 2: Choose Nonlinear Curve Fit Functions

  • Select nonlinear curve fit functions from built-in list
  • Enter the data columns and rows to curve fit.
  • Click on Calculate.

TechGraphOnline will report the best fit among the three selected functions based on the calculated value of Coefficient of Determinate. Dose Response Logistic function is chosen as the best fit for this data set.

Step 3: Report, Save, and Graph Curve Fit Results

The Report and Save tabs are activated once the fit calculation is done.

  • Click the Report tab view the statistics: coefficients, prediction, and confidence data associated with the curve fit equation. This data can be downloaded as a CSV file and then copied to the clipboard or to the printer.
  • Click the Save tab.
  • Choose what you want to graph: Y Predict Equation, Y Predict Values, Residuals. Confidence Interval or Prediction Interval. Enter ‘A’  in the Destination Col, then Save the Y Predict Equation for Data Series “A”.
  • Click the Edit Chart tab to show the finished chart.
Scatter and Curve Fit line (Dose Response) graph from

Try the TechGraphOnline Graphing App and see for yourself what it can do. No obligations, no credit card. Sign up for FREE today!